How to package a Hard Drive ready to post -

Safe and Secure Packaging for Shipping Your Hard Drive

It's so important that your hard drive is properly and carefully packed before shipping so to avoid further damage. Follow these instructions to make sure your device arrives safe and sound:

  1. If possible, wrap the hard drive with anti-static material or an anti-static bag. These can be purchased in any computer or electronics store.
  2. The box you choose to use should be at least twice the size of the hard drive. The dive should also be wrapped in other protective material like bubble wrap or styrofoam to absorb any vibrations, shocks or bumps during shipping.
  3. Securely close the box and identify the package with the shipping details, destination and receiver. Don't forget to fill out our Client Form for data recovery
  4. and include a signed copy of the terms of service in the box.
  5. Once the shipment arrives to our offices, our team will update the online case taking to note that your hard drive is in our possession.

Please Do Not Send your hard drive without first reading our Data Recovery Instructions for Out of Town Clients

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