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Instructions for Out-of-Town Clients

Our process is as follows:

  1. Detailed information makes the recovery process easier and keeps costs lower. Please complete our Client Form for data recovery with as much detail as possible.
  2. We review the information provided in the form to ensure that everything is in order before confirming that you can now ship us your hard drive.
  3. Ship us your hard drive (see this video that explains How to Pack a memory), together with a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions of Data Recovery Service to the following address:
    • Address: Av. Cabildo 1547 Fl. 1 Of. 3 - Belgrano
    • City: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
    • Country: Argentina
    • Zip Code: 1426
    • Name: Hugo Adrián Francisconi
    • Contact phone: +54-11-51999764
    • E-mail: support@ ---Para enviar el SPAM--- DataRecoveryHDD.com
    • TAX ID Number: 20-26557215-5
  4. Send us the envelope as a normal letter by postal mail (we recommend sending by Fedex).
    VERY IMPORTANT: Don't declare high value of parcel maximum 10usd, so that import taxes are not high.
    Also do not indicate that it is a used product or that it is damaged since it will be retained at customs.
  5. Upon receiving the hard drive in our office, it is registered into our system and you will be sent the updated information.
  6. Our engineers analyze the hard drive to reach a diagnosis and send a quote detailing cost and estimate completion time to your email, simply respond to confirm you accept the quote.
  7. Upon approval of the quote, we immediately begin to work.
  8. We send screen shots of the images or files to confirm recovery of the proper information.
  9. We send the corresponding instructions to make the payment.
  10. Upon completion of payment, the recovered data will be sent via an Internet link, provided that is is less than 2GB of information. If the total is more than 2GB the data is copied to a new hard drive and shipped to the client (at client's expense which is not included in the quote).

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Contact information

  • DataRecoveryHDD.com
      Av. Cabildo 1547 Fl. 1 Of. 3, Belgrano - Capital Federal, Argentina.
            zip code: C1426AHB
      +54-11-5199-9764    +54-9-11-3278-8353
      support@ ---Para enviar el SPAM--- datarecoveryhdd.com

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